ManPower DC Youth Soaring for Excellence initiative mission is to equip children and youth in the DC area with opportunities to succeed by choice and not by chance. Our vision is to curtail youth violence in schools through consistent interaction, restoring and fostering academic safe havens, where growing leaders flourish. Youth Soaring for Excellence Mentorship Program includes components that seek to improve challenges at school and home.

ManPower DC in partnership with local organizations and churches will support the delivery of life skills and wrap around services to improve the quality of life for 18 to 35 years old residents in Washington DC and surrounding communities.


Resources such as mental health, anger management, and financial coaching are basic life skills that are proven barriers for longer term employment and overall stability. ManPower DC’s initial goal for the community is to gain commitment to self-improvement. Our short-term goal is employable persons who become a long-term resource to stability within the District’s most improvised areas.

Physical Health

Manpower DC advocates for physical health in a way that stimulates growing leaders and leverages pathways of success. Our athletic components offer a lifetime gateway supporting physical health, building confidence, self-esteem and mitigating obesity.

Professional Development

ManPower DC intends to create opportunities for young professionals across the DMV to aid in start-up tools, business growth skills, career placement, and networking events. The goal is to rally behind ManPower DC's vision and strategic planning on building a "Minority Wall Street" through economic development. 

Individuals like yourself allow us to make a difference in communities across the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. With your help, we will be able to impact our community even greater! Contact us today to see how you can get connected with the ManPower DC family!